Retaso Project

  1. to find a use for scrap leathers/materials so instead of being thrown away, they can be of use to those in need.
  2. to create a steady supply of crafted leather shoes for children who do not have shoes for school.
  3. to create an opportunity to generate employment in communities through a cooperative style business and management model.
  4. to lay the foundation for the next generation to learn and proliferate the art of local shoemaking so it can thrive again.img_20151103_123339.jpg

Black Wing plans to sponsor 1 pair for every 2 pairs we sell. We want the model to be sustainable so we can help more people and it will become a norm among those who make craft shoes. With our current production capacity, we can sponsor around 25 to 30 pairs a month. We will also offer to clients a chance to sponsor several pairs depending on the requirements that we are try to serve. This will make filling up donation slots faster as well as produce more work for those in need.

We will need to keep on trying and testing designs which can make use of the scraps and test them to ensure that the children would still comfortable wearing shoes made up of different leathers.

We would like to thank those who supported our brand and know that we that this would not have been possible without you guys. I will post the results once our pilot test has been carried out.


4 thoughts on “Retaso Project

  1. Awesome…just plain awesome, I have no other words to say! I have a suggestion, though; would it be possible to have the sewn leather scraps to be colored (e.g. black) before being molded on the lasts?


    1. It can only be colored after during the finishing stage. Problem is that coloring adds to the cost and also can create an issue in terms of color bleeding into the shoe with enough moisture especially since the shoes wont be as sheltered from the elements as our craft shoes.

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