Style: Imperial Oxford Wingtip Classic

The Imperial Oxford Wingtip Classic, one of the most basic pairs that we offer with intricate details which are subtle and classy.

It is a very versatile design especially when in a light shade of brown. It can be used in formal occasions with a blue or gray suit. One can also dress it down a bit for smart casual events with sports jackets and chinos. It can even work with sports shirts and jeans on certain situations.


When in black it becomes a very formal and classy pair. A perfect pair for special meetings and attending special occasions in a black suit. It can also work with a tuxedo but it has to be really polished (unless its in patent leather) for it to work. I would not, however, suggest this to be paired up with a Barong Tagalog. This is a really busy shoe and we would not want to divert attention away from the Barong to the shoe.


Another implementation for this style is the classic spectator. Spectators are basically shoes with two different colors to create contrast and attract attention, the most famous combination would be the black and white spectators which is made famous by movies set in the early 1900s.


Our Imperial Oxford Wingtip Classic can be made available in all versions of our shoe lasts but it best fits the c013, i016 and ch15 shoe lasts with the c013 version being the most versatile because of its shape and the ch15 variant being the most formal looking.

So in summary, it is a great formal shoe. Getting it in a light shade of brown (dark tan in this case) increases it’s versatility by giving you the ability to dress it down from formal to smart casual. It does not go well with a Barong IMO. You can wear it with jeans on certain occasions. It makes for a great pair to wear with your power suit.


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