Style: Penny Loafers

Loafers are slip-ons with a strap of leather running across the “puso” or saddle of the upper. The heart can either be machine stitched or hand stitched. Wholecut loafers can also have penny straps and can be made aesthetically accurate by creating a faux saddle¬†using pinching methods. The original loafers can be traced back to mid 1800s as a house shoe. It was designed so … Continue reading Style: Penny Loafers

Perspective: Looking Forward Part 1 – How Imported Sources Became Favored Over Local

This is the first in a series of entries which will discuss the local shoe/footwear industry as seen from ground level. I will be talking a bit about the history of the problem, a few current developments, and how the crafted experiment of Black Wing can offer an alternative solution to small and micro scale manufacturers as an escape from the trap which we are … Continue reading Perspective: Looking Forward Part 1 – How Imported Sources Became Favored Over Local

Style: Monk Straps

Monk straps have enjoyed a very fond place in men’s wardrobes these past few years. The trend started becoming popular again sometime 2012 then went on full swing in 2013. I remember the first pairs asked of us being made of suede uppers with EVA outsoles, pretty much like what Florsheim was trying to promote at that time with their line of derby and oxford … Continue reading Style: Monk Straps

Blake, Goodyear and Other Constructions

For those who are into shoes, there is no questioning which construction method is the best in terms of durability and size scalability. But¬†each method was developed for a specific reason and depending on the purpose of the shoe, each purpose has a specific method which is best suited for that purpose. I would first like to state that we are not favoring or discrediting … Continue reading Blake, Goodyear and Other Constructions

Style: Oxford Captoe Rothschild

The Oxford captoe Rothschild is a classic formal shoe whose simplicity makes it the best and safest go to shoe for business formal and black tie events. Usually in polished black calfskin or patent leather, this style was made famous recently by the movie Kingsman: The Secret Service because it is the style of choice utilized by the main protagonists of the movie. The lacing … Continue reading Style: Oxford Captoe Rothschild