Style: Oxford Captoe Rothschild

The Oxford captoe Rothschild is a classic formal shoe whose simplicity makes it the best and safest go to shoe for business formal and black tie events. Usually in polished black calfskin or patent leather, this style was made famous recently by the movie Kingsman: The Secret Service because it is the style of choice utilized by the main protagonists of the movie.

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The lacing usually comes in 5 or 6 holes depending on the maker’s build. The captoe is usually around 2.5″ to 3″ long from the tip. It can be put on a variety of lasts thus making the style available to to a variety of foot profiles. The simple design adds a detail which makes it simple but not boring. This feature makes it suitable for pairing with smart casual ensembles, suits, tuxedos and Barong Tagalog.

Recently, we have been seeing a trend on clients wanting to dress down this sleek design a bit. Brogues have been added along lines to give it more character and other colors have been used also to keep it updated for today’s style standards.


We have also been experimenting with integrating it with woven and hand stitched designs to “localize” it more and make it uniquely suited with our Barong Tagalog. As I tell my clients who avail of the woven versions, the woven Oxford captoe is a discreet style up front making it a perfect choice since it will not steal any attention from the Barong but will provide details once you pass by warranting a second look. It can still be worn with suits of course but not with tuxedos.


Our Oxford captoe Rothschild comes a variety of different shapes from the classic s013 last, to the formal ch15 last and the more versatile c013 last. I remember having a pattern done on the ce15 last as well for those with extra wide feet and would not want a pointed shoe. It also comes in toddler sizes for those special occasions. Overall a basic shoe that every gentleman should have which suits a variety of formal occasions.


In summary, the Rothschild is a great formal and work shoe which would convey a simple, no frills attitude which gets the job done vibe. It is a classic pair which can be appreciated by people from all generations and would undoubtedly be a mainstay and should be a ¬†regular part of every man’s work/formal wardrobe.


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