Style: BWS Shoe Last Guide

The shoe last is the basic building block of any shoe. It determines the shape, fit, instep, pattern and support of the shoe. It is the foundation in which the design will be built around in order to achieve the desired look. One could say that it is the soul of the shoe which will be a large factor as to the outcome of the … Continue reading Style: BWS Shoe Last Guide

Vision: Creating New Industry Enterprise and a New Middle Class

Black Wing is not only about making shoes. This is a personal endeavor to introduce something different to the industry by offering an alternative, not only for consumers but for entrepreneurs and shoemakers as well. I am not trying to change mainstream business, I am trying to provide a new dimension to it. By incorporating sustainability and social enterprise into the core business model, I … Continue reading Vision: Creating New Industry Enterprise and a New Middle Class

Style: Bulacan Pullside Leathers

We often talk about matching the style of shoes with the color of our suit or the attire in which we will wear it with. Aside from the shoe style though, we have to consider the leather type and color when matching with our getup. Leather types also help in reinforcing a specific look. A leather with a smoother finish is more formal than one … Continue reading Style: Bulacan Pullside Leathers

Perspective: Dignity to the Shoemakers

Dignity┬ácan be defined as a sense of pride and self-worth. It is when you can hold your head up high and take pride in yourself with what you do and have accomplished. We can also say that having dignity improves ones perception of ones situation. A person who has a higher perception of self-worth will ultimately be happier than one who has more financial and … Continue reading Perspective: Dignity to the Shoemakers