Style: Shoe Patina and Coloring

There is a drive to always further oneself and try to reach for that next level in search for the “more”.¬†In the order of priority for shoe making, once the basics of fittings and styling are covered, one moves to develop the aesthetics of the shoe even further than just creating a sleek silhouette. The shoe patina is one such technique with can further the … Continue reading Style: Shoe Patina and Coloring

Thoughts: What is Essential?

I think it is timely, with the trending change, that we challenge what was taught to us by the dominant institutions. Growing up, we have been taught many things through experience and education. While I am not contesting the validity and relevance of what was taught to us, I am wondering if what they taught us is really the essential¬†for this time. Traditional education strives … Continue reading Thoughts: What is Essential?