The Greendale Metropolitan Collection – Basic Style Essentials

I have been working on making a proper line for Black Wing before called the “Essential Collection” which would be comprised of classic shoe styles which will never go out of fashion. Call it the basic shoe collection whether you are looking a set to rotate for work, or have just started a shoe collection. As I have seen over years of handling shoes for various clients, the style requirements hardly change much unless for those who are planning to be a bit more adventurous with their footwear. Basically the requirements of clients boil down to certain functions for the footwear: black formals, casual browns, business slipons, and boots. Knowing this, I came up with a set of styles which fit the bill.

The shoe uppers are made from fullgrain Napa leather which is a soft leather which gives it the most flexibility while being able to maintain the shoes form properly. Shoe creasing along the bend would be minimal for those who are OC about them. The lining is made from soft pigskin leather to support the Napa uppers. Our footbed and outsoles are made from EVA rubber of different densities in order to provide the most comfort while being durable and serviceable. The shoes are Blake stitched in order to have a balance between comfort, flexibility, and durability. Each shoe is handcrafted by our local artisans and the shoelasts used are developed in house using data collected over years of making custom fitting shoes. This collection is not just designed, it is engineered. Specifications are based on actual data gathered over the years and materials chosen to suit your needs. Comfortable, stylish, sustainable, ethical – all guiding principles that we employ at Black Wing Shoes, and now being passed on to other makers and microbrands through our Greendale Supply Co.

Oxford Captoe

The oxford captoe, especially in black, is the essential formal shoe. It is the most versatile piece for use in formal and business settings. I believe that a black oxford captoe is one of the first shoes that a young professional should buy. Even for those who usually dress casual for work would still need to dress up for important meetings and would attend formal affairs. The black oxford captoe shows a respect for those you meet and respect for the occasion that you are attending,. I know it might be a bit outdated but remember, respect begets respect. Having one in your wardrobe is a no brainer since it’ll go well with anything; from your polo shirt and trouser to a 3 piece suit to a barong Tagalog.

Black Oxford Captoe Pullside
Black Oxford Captoe – Topgrain Pullside Leather

Brogue Oxford Wingtip

The brogue oxford wingtip makes for a great formal, business, and casual shoe. It can be used with almost any attire and would make a great “brown shoe” which can be used for work or for casual outings. The brogue detailing on this design is the only thing keeping it from being a very formal shoe. I can still be used with suits and even as groom shoes but if we are talking about traditional formalities, the brogue oxford wingtip is often considered as a business or casual shoe. It can be worn with sports shirt with denim, button downs with chinos, office long sleeves and trousers, and with a 3 piece suit without much issues as long as color matching is observed.

oxford wingtip
Amaretto Brogue Oxford Wingtip – Fullgrain Napa Leather

Austerity Brogue LazyMan Wingtip

The loafer is the more common and less formal option for slipons, and it is predominantly popular among makers and end users because of its ease of use and general popularity. Which is why we are not yet including it in this collection. Instead I’d like to introduce a classic style which isn’t widely available in the local market and that is the Lazyman. The lazyman is a slipon style but instead of having a casual profile, it has a profile of a laceup which makes it more “formal” looking than your regular loafers. There are other versions which have mock laces still which we can release in future collections. With regards to use, the reason why I chose to design the pattern with an austerity brogue is that so it can be more suited for formal and business attires. Just to understate it’s more relaxed nature, I applied the general rule of “simpler is more formal” for men’s shoes.

Lazyman wingtip
Black Austerity Brogue Lazyman Wingtip – Fullgrain Napa Leather

Double Monk Captoe

Another classic style which I fondly call the “honest shoe”. It just looks so utilitarian and also has that versatility which has enamored a lot of shoe lovers. Thing is that apparently, it’s difficult to find a good fitting one with the commercially available models out there so we implemented one in our in-house shoelast so that majority of the fitting issues will be addressed. If you get a brown one, it would make for a great casual or work shoe. Black is a bit more formal and so is amaretto.

Brown Double Monk Captoe – Fullgrain Napa Leather

So there you have it. For styles which will never go out of trend. Our shoes are serviceable and all components are available locally and crafted by local producers. Great for those who are stepping into the world of leather shoes or for those who are simply looking for honest, comfortable, and durable shoes which are handcrafted by our local artisans while infused with specifications which will rival those of imported commercial brands.

Current introductory price is set at Php4,500.00 and shoes will be made as you order them. If unsure of your size, please refer to our size chart or contact the Black Wing or Greendale page so someone will be able to assist you. šŸ™‚


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