Alfit Shoes

We have been working on a method where if you can’t make it to the workshop, we would still be able to service you. This is especially for those living outside Metro Manila. The Alfit shoe service has been updated for easier transactions while maintaining our quality and fitting. It should be mentioned though that fit would be based on the trace and information sent to us. Any alterations in fitting can still be implemented but logistics would be shouldered by the client. Here are the steps so we can get started.

  1. Pick a style and get the details in order (color, last, outsole materials).
  2. Check with our staff over at Viber or email if the options are available.
  3. Trace both of your feet on a piece of paper, measure the entire length and width in millimeters. Please trace along the bottom of your feet as well so we can get arch and instep details.
  4. State the shoe size you use for rubber shoes and leather shoes.
  5. Write your contact details and have the trace couriered to our workshop address.
  6. Await confirmation from our staff via text or call to verify order and finalize details.


We have tried this method and have made significant progress in getting the proper fitting. We would caution against ordering loafers this way since loafers tend to be more difficult to customize the fit for.

We may also request a picture of your feet so we can have an idea on your foot profile and if possible, a full body picture so we can recommend and modify our Alfit lasts in proportion to your body type.

Alfit lasts have the profiles of our standard lasts.

Price starts at Php5,000.00 for our standard designs exclusive of shipping.