Retaso Project Update

Back towards the end of 2015, I had this idea of making use of scrap/leftover leathers (retaso) as base materials for shoes to give them a second use instead of just being scrapped or be used for smalls like key chains and cable organizers. I wanted the scrap leathers to fulfill a more functional role by becoming shoes once again. The original prototypes made use … Continue reading Retaso Project Update

Style: BWS Shoe Last Guide

The shoe last is the basic building block of any shoe. It determines the shape, fit, instep, pattern and support of the shoe. It is the foundation in which the design will be built around in order to achieve the desired look. One could say that it is the soul of the shoe which will be a large factor as to the outcome of the … Continue reading Style: BWS Shoe Last Guide

Style: Luna, S-Type and R-Type Soles

Today I’d just like to discuss the different types of crafted rubber shoe soles that we are currently using to give a more youthful flair to classic designs. It’s like putting colorful nylon NATO straps on your classic design watches which gives a new dimension to the styling and feel of the watch almost immediately. Except for the S-Type soles, that one is purely for … Continue reading Style: Luna, S-Type and R-Type Soles

Style: Penny Loafers

Loafers are slip-ons with a strap of leather running across the “puso” or saddle of the upper. The heart can either be machine stitched or hand stitched. Wholecut loafers can also have penny straps and can be made aesthetically accurate by creating a faux saddle¬†using pinching methods. The original loafers can be traced back to mid 1800s as a house shoe. It was designed so … Continue reading Style: Penny Loafers