From the Lazarus Pit – A Shoe Rejuvenation Story

For those who grew up in the 90s, the Lazarus Pit should be a familiar term. The Lazarus Pit is from the Batman universe and exposed to mainstream via the Batman animated series where one of the main villains and Batman’s mentor, Ra’s al Ghul, uses it to rejuvenate himself after immersing his entire body in the mystic pool. It is said that every time … Continue reading From the Lazarus Pit – A Shoe Rejuvenation Story

Basic Leather Shoe Care and Rejuvenation (PH Version)

I have always been frustrated about polishing shoes. Ever since I was a young boy, I would polish my shoes by using “Kiwi” and a shoe brush. I forgot if it was a horsehair or nylon brush, but just when I thought that I had done a good job I would see a classmate’s shoes done better. And in my ignorance, I would put more … Continue reading Basic Leather Shoe Care and Rejuvenation (PH Version)

Small Scale Marikina Shoemaking

Marikina has developed its own identity as the shoemaking capital of the Philippines. Over the years, trends and traditions have evolved to suit the industry demands and thus created its own brand of shoemaking. As I was learning shoemaking from a journeyman shoemaker (who eventually became Black Wing’s first foreman) during the first year of the workshop, I noticed that the local method had to … Continue reading Small Scale Marikina Shoemaking

Retaso Project Update

Back towards the end of 2015, I had this idea of making use of scrap/leftover leathers (retaso) as base materials for shoes to give them a second use instead of just being scrapped or be used for smalls like key chains and cable organizers. I wanted the scrap leathers to fulfill a more functional role by becoming shoes once again. The original prototypes made use … Continue reading Retaso Project Update

Style: Breathing New Life Into Old Pairs

As with all things, shoes get old and we sometimes lose interest in the way it looks since, well, it’s old already. But there are ways on how to remedy this and give old leather shoes a new feel. There are normally two ways to go about this, first is to basically recondition the pair and the second is apply patina to the shoes in … Continue reading Style: Breathing New Life Into Old Pairs

Style: Shoe Patina and Coloring

There is a drive to always further oneself and try to reach for that next level in search for the “more”.┬áIn the order of priority for shoe making, once the basics of fittings and styling are covered, one moves to develop the aesthetics of the shoe even further than just creating a sleek silhouette. The shoe patina is one such technique with can further the … Continue reading Style: Shoe Patina and Coloring