Style: Design Direction 2017

As the year is coming to a close, I have observed the changing trends which have shifted starting from the latter half of this year which would most likely persist throughout 2017. Due to the adoption of classic styles by fashion brands such as H&M into their collections, certain classics have been relegated to have become “common” styles and thus has become more smart-casual. This … Continue reading Style: Design Direction 2017

Style: Breathing New Life Into Old Pairs

As with all things, shoes get old and we sometimes lose interest in the way it looks since, well, it’s old already. But there are ways on how to remedy this and give old leather shoes a new feel. There are normally two ways to go about this, first is to basically recondition the pair and the second is apply patina to the shoes in … Continue reading Style: Breathing New Life Into Old Pairs

Style: Shoe Patina and Coloring

There is a drive to always further oneself and try to reach for that next level in search for the “more”. In the order of priority for shoe making, once the basics of fittings and styling are covered, one moves to develop the aesthetics of the shoe even further than just creating a sleek silhouette. The shoe patina is one such technique with can further the … Continue reading Style: Shoe Patina and Coloring

Style: BWS Shoe Last Guide

The shoe last is the basic building block of any shoe. It determines the shape, fit, instep, pattern and support of the shoe. It is the foundation in which the design will be built around in order to achieve the desired look. One could say that it is the soul of the shoe which will be a large factor as to the outcome of the … Continue reading Style: BWS Shoe Last Guide

Style: Bulacan Pullside Leathers

We often talk about matching the style of shoes with the color of our suit or the attire in which we will wear it with. Aside from the shoe style though, we have to consider the leather type and color when matching with our getup. Leather types also help in reinforcing a specific look. A leather with a smoother finish is more formal than one … Continue reading Style: Bulacan Pullside Leathers

Style: Luna, S-Type and R-Type Soles

Today I’d just like to discuss the different types of crafted rubber shoe soles that we are currently using to give a more youthful flair to classic designs. It’s like putting colorful nylon NATO straps on your classic design watches which gives a new dimension to the styling and feel of the watch almost immediately. Except for the S-Type soles, that one is purely for … Continue reading Style: Luna, S-Type and R-Type Soles

Style: Derby Wingtip

The derby wingtip is a classic relaxed style which, depending on the color and materials, can be worn with a summer shirt + short pants combo to a black tie event. Unlike oxfords, derby lacing is generally considered to be more casual and is often seen on casual style shoes such as creepers, sneakers, and “work boots”. As mentioned in our previous entries, the open lacing system … Continue reading Style: Derby Wingtip