Style: BWS Shoe Last Guide

The shoe last is the basic building block of any shoe. It determines the shape, fit, instep, pattern and support of the shoe. It is the foundation in which the design will be built around in order to achieve the desired look. One could say that it is the soul of the shoe which will be a large factor as to the outcome of the … Continue reading Style: BWS Shoe Last Guide

Style: Luna, S-Type and R-Type Soles

Today I’d just like to discuss the different types of crafted rubber shoe soles that we are currently using to give a more youthful flair to classic designs. It’s like putting colorful nylon NATO straps on your classic design watches which gives a new dimension to the styling and feel of the watch almost immediately. Except for the S-Type soles, that one is purely for … Continue reading Style: Luna, S-Type and R-Type Soles

Style: Derby Wingtip

The derby wingtip is a classic relaxed style which, depending on the color and materials, can be worn with a summer shirt + short pants combo to a black tie event. Unlike oxfords, derby lacing is generally considered to be more casual and is often seen on casual style shoes such as creepers, sneakers, and “work boots”. As mentioned in our previous entries, the open lacing system … Continue reading Style: Derby Wingtip

Style: Monk Straps

Monk straps have enjoyed a very fond place in men’s wardrobes these past few years. The trend started becoming popular again sometime 2012 then went on full swing in 2013. I remember the first pairs asked of us being made of suede uppers with EVA outsoles, pretty much like what Florsheim was trying to promote at that time with their line of derby and oxford … Continue reading Style: Monk Straps

Style: Imperial Oxford Wingtip Classic

The Imperial Oxford Wingtip Classic, one of the most basic pairs that we offer with intricate details which are subtle and classy. It is a very versatile design especially when in a light shade of brown. It can be used in formal occasions with a blue or gray suit. One can also dress it down a bit for smart casual events with sports jackets and … Continue reading Style: Imperial Oxford Wingtip Classic