Custom Fit Shoes

We have noticed that a lot of people are forced to get bigger sizes to accommodate wider feet due to size availability so we offer custom fitting services. Each client will be measured and the last adjusted to make sure that we get a good fit which is closest to the real size of the client. It is a step down from bespoke but offers almost the same level of service for less.

Our size ranges from infants 0 to mens 15/16. Larger sizes usually require custom lasts so generally are more time to make. We take into consideration foot girth to ensure that clients who aren’t able to acquire proper fitting Oxfords could be serviced.


The major and most noticeable difference between a custom fit shoe and a full bespoke shoe would be the pattern. While we strive to ensure that there is good aesthetics, the fit comes first. We will, of course, still do our best to make the shoes look good. Another difference is that with full bespoke services, there will be fittings and even a fitting shoe while with our custom services there is usually only one fitting not unless the shoes wont fit and we have to redo them.

This is an entry level service which we have honed over the years to give our clients the best possible value while continuously working to develop and improve it.

Prices start at Php5,000.00 for this service.