1. So how do we start?

First off we need to get your measurements before we start discussing shoes. Each of our pair is custom-fitted to each of our client’s requirements. For new clients, please schedule an appointment over at our Facebook page. Measurements are taken in the workshop in Marikina. It would be best to have a style in mind but if you don’t have an idea which shoes fit the occasion/purpose, we would be more than happy to assist you.

Existing clients can just send their orders via Facebook Messenger or Viber. We regularly update our measurements and methods so a new measurement may be required in order to ensure a better fit.

2. How much does each custom pair cost?

It actually varies, but the base price is at Php5,000.00. Additional details such as brogues and our imperial cuts add to the cost as well.

Basic shoes such as topsiders and driving loafers start at Php4,000.00.

3. Are there any limitations to the designs?

None but the hardware. If we can craft it by hand then it can be done. There are certain constructions and methods which we shy away from but given the proper timing and ample preparations, we can most likely do it.

4. How can we order if we cannot schedule an appointment?

You can avail of our Alfit services where you can send us a physical trace of both your feet along with some basic measurements then your normal shoe size in both rubber and leather shoes. With those basic information, we can extrapolate and approximation of your fitting while the trace will provide us information on the basic profile of your feet.

Please contact our mobile for more details.

5. Do you do women’s shoes?

We can do women’s sizes in men’s styling. We are also planning to launch a women’s standard line of flats and standard height shoes but that’s all in the pipeline still. For now, we can do espadrilles, topsiders, oxfords/derbies and loafers for women.

6. Do you make a shoe last for each client?

Not for the basic service. We can but that would not be in line with our process. Making custom lasts per client creates additional costs for the client and not unless it really is a special case requiring a custom last, we would modify each last to the clients measurements and discard the changes once the shoes are done. This results in less space required to house the shoe lasts, less cost in production and a pair with almost all the qualities of an old school bespoke pair.

You can inquire about our semi-bespoke services where we will create your own shoe last. Depending on your requirement, having your own custom last can be beneficial especially if you have foot issues.

7. How long does each pair usually take to finish?

Normally we would only need a couple of weeks for an order to be completed but due to the limitation of our production capacity, the waiting period can vary from 4 to 8 weeks for standard custom fit and semi-bespoke models.

8. Do you plan to go RTW?

At present there are no plans to have RTW shoes under the Black Wing brand. If we ever decide to pursue this to expand our business it will be under a different brand.

9. Are you planning to go bespoke?

Yes. Our full bespoke services would be available upon request and subject to approval.

10. Warranty on the shoes?

All our pairs are covered with a basic 1 year warranty for rubber soles and the uppers. Leather soles are excluded from the warranty since leather wears out much faster especially with regular use on the street.

We also do free reconditioning for all pairs after they have been worn to remove bulges that result from the expansion of the leather to create a better fit. This is recommended after a few uses in order to let the leather expand first before we adjust it back to fit.

For rubber soles, a free resole within 1 year is available if the sole gives with just normal use. Out of warranty coverage pairs will be subject to a standard resoling charge.