Semi Bespoke Services

Black Wing will create for you your own personal last. This last will still be based on our existing lasts but will be reserved for you to use even after your initial pair has been completed, unlike with our custom fit services where we take out the modifications for others to use after you shoes are done. While the initial shoe might still have to be adjusted, we will implement all modifications whether for comfort or styling on the last for your subsequent pairs and continuously develop the last until we get everything right.


With your own last, you can rest assured that revisions which might be needed will be implemented on your second pair onwards, making it easier for us to take your order and ship to you. Other details such as custom fit patterns would also be implemented once we know that the fit is as close to perfect as possible. All lasts would start from our existing ones and could be worked into your preferred shape bit by bit. Think of it as almost going through the full bespoke process but instead of getting one shoe in the end, you get all the shoes that  we will build until we perfect your last.

The shoe last will be yours so you can take it home if you want after the initial holding period of 6 pairs. We will not be responsible for any damage incurred especially if another shoemaker handles it.

Prices start at Php3,000.00 for the shoe last and Php6,000.00 for the shoes. A custom pattern would be created on the custom last which is one step closer to become a true bespoke shoe. Subsequent orders on the existing last would just be charged for the shoes not unless a new last is commissioned.