About Black Wing


Black Wing is a small concept brand-workshop which experiments on various aspects of the shoe making industry. From reviving the custom made mid-range pricing to experimenting with handcrafted shoe construction methods, we strive to discover and recover the art of shoe making with the spirit of discovery and passion to find new ways in adapting shoe making to our conditions here in Marikina.

We want to change the way things are done by experimenting with ideas that big businesses cannot afford to experiment with. The concept that every modern Filipino should have access to good quality custom made shoes is nothing new but has been gone for over a decade. The commercial success of big brands and big malls has pushed commercialism to the point wherein it offers nothing new to the public. We want to provide an alternative by establishing a small workshop with a core group of skilled workers who are also driven to improve their craft.

Instead of working with the old shoe lasts from the previous generation Marikina shoemakers, we decided to create our own based on international styling and trends. Hence, shoe last development is an integral part of our business model. Shoe lasts are regularly updated and depending on the series, totally revamped to ensure that the look and feel of the shoe will give happiness to our clients.

We are not simply satisfied with just doing what we do. We want to find the “more”. We will keep pushing forward in various aspects of the business and hopefully arrive at a model which is fair for all parties, from the workers and craftsmen to the clients. 

Join us on our journey. Be our inspiration and hopefully we can inspire others as well.


We could not have reached this far into the project without the support and understanding of you guys. Rest assured that we will not stop here, we will keep pushing forward to see how far our little experiment will go, how many people’s lives we can impact, how we can uplift the industry. Black Wing just isn’t about business, it is about love and passion. We will not give up now that we have gone this far. Again, thank you for supporting us and help us find the “more” that will reignite our shoemaking industry.


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