Black Wing and the New Normal

First of all, I hope you are all doing well. This has been a tough time for all and the impact of this event has caused us to reconsider how we do things. Our plans have all been derailed and I have had to reconsider our strategy on how we can keep operating while exercising safety precautions for all. There were already plans since last … Continue reading Black Wing and the New Normal

Footwear Choices: Some Things to Consider in this Time of Covid-19

The imposition of the local quarantine here in the NCR, Philippines in order to contain this pandemic has been so sudden that most people have not been able to prepare properly and process what needs to be done during this time. The past two weeks have been focused on securing supplies for home and trying to give help as much as possible to our artisans … Continue reading Footwear Choices: Some Things to Consider in this Time of Covid-19

‘Anyare? (What Happened?)

We all thought we were moving the industry forward. Demand in the mid-range market is higher than ever. Prices have become competitive and our locally made footwear can now be compared to imported ones. Micro brands have started popping up all over the Internet offering variety and a great price. “Mura at Matibay“, the old Marikina slogan, became something that stuck to consumers’ heads. The … Continue reading ‘Anyare? (What Happened?)

A Bespoke Life

Bespoke is a word that is thrown around by brands and businesses the past few years to describe their products. From bespoke suits to shoes to small leather goods and even food. It normally refers to a product or service that is tailored specifically to a client, but what does it really entail to be something truly bespoke? Bespoke is the past participle of the … Continue reading A Bespoke Life